A highly accomplished and results-oriented software engineer specializing in game programming and design, with extensive experience in 3D graphics, physics, third-party engine integration, algorithms, rendering pipeline optimization, object-oriented analysis/design, and C/C++ development. An analytical thinker who consistently resolves elusive system issues and defects. A strong communicator performer who conveys challenging concepts to team members and collaborates across functions to maximize productivity and product quality.







Unity 3D


Professional Experience

  • 2019 - Senior Software Engineer

    Developed numerous features for company’s Advanced Video Platform (AVP), such as graphics engine enhancements, support for third-party engines, optimizations, and troubleshooting.

    Worked as primary engineer on four full production slot games utilizing Unity3D game engine.

    Added support for movie textures in Unity’s sprite renderer and exposed various profiler metrics for custom runtime diagnostics tool.

    Company - International Game Technology
    Duration - 12 years [2007 to 2019]
    Location - Reno, Nevada

  • 2018 - Founder, Lead Developer

    Specialized in development of fun and educational games for Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad devices.
    Company - Roman Games
    Duration - 9 years [2010 to 2018]
    Location - Reno, Nevada

  • 2006 - Summer Internship

    Worked part-time with several other interns on 3D educational board game Busted, using Torque 3D Game Engine.
    Company - Arkitek Studios
    Duration - 3 month
    Location - Seattle, Washington


  • 2007 - DigiPen Institute of Technology

    Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation. Minor in Physics and Mathematics.
    Session - 2003 - 2007
    Location - Redmond, Washington

  • 2001 - Barry University

    Pre-engineering major (Computer Science and Mathematics)
    Session - 2000 - 2001
    Location - Miami Shores, Florida

  • Honors and Awards

    National Scholar, The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans

    Distinguished Honor Graduate, United States Army Military Intelligence Battalion

Technical Skills

It all started with programming TI-83 graphing calculator in middle school and been advancing ever since.
From my early passion for mathematics I have evolved into a computer graphics and game technology enthusiast.


C/C++/C#, Python, Objective C, Java, JavaScript, ES6, HTML5, CSS3, Lua, JSON

APIs and Libraries

OpenGL/ES, WebGL, GLSL/HLSL/Cg, DirectX, Bullet Physics, Box2D, React, Bootstrap, WPF


Windows, Linux/Ubuntu, OSX, Git, Perforce, CVS/SVN, Visual Studio, Unity3D, Torque3D, XCode, Eclipse

Contact Me

I am available for personal or professional projects from high-level software design all the way down to low-level features.